HCP are investing in additional manufacturing capacity in Huai’an during 2018-19. With a growing local Asian and International export business, HCP are investing in a large expansion programme on the existing Huai’an manufacturing site. Located in Northern Jiangsu province; Huai’an City borders Anhui Province to the southwest, Yangzhou to the southeast and is 2 hours drive to Nanjing – provincial capital of Jiangsu and 4 hours to Shanghai.

The layout, designed with a lean manufacturing philosophy in mind, is finalised and construction commenced in March 2018. Adding three new buildings for injection, spraying and warehousing (38,800m²), HCP will invest in 100 new injection moulding machines, installing 40 during 2018 and 6 new finishing spray lines; with a further 60 injection machines with a phased annual roll out. The project is planned to complete at the end of 2021.

L-R: New Injection Assembly workshop, new spray facility and new warehouse.

Asia Expansion

• New expansion programme for HCP, utilising ground space of 22,400m²of the existing land area.

• New building construction, occupying an area of 38,800m² alongside current facility.

• Expansion includes new central warehousing for raw materials and finished goods.

• Investment plan for 100 new sets injection moulding machines – 40 in 2018; then 20 each year until 2021.

• Central resin feed system for injection with continuous flow automated production layout.

• Six new customised and cost efficient spraying lines in place during 2018.

• Full environmental health & safety (EHS) compliance, with reduced VOC emissions and waste treatment.