Sustainable Beauty Packaging Manufacture in HCP Germany

HCP Germany Cosmetic GmbH & Co.KG Awarded ISCC Plus Certification for Sustainable Beauty Packaging Manufacture

Beauty packaging that is both responsible & beautiful...

HCP Packaging are proud to extend their support of the circular economy for plastics, with ISCC Plus certification awarded in 2021 to HCP Germany.

HCP now offer sustainable packaging solutions manufactured in Europe, Asia and North America with the supply and manufacture of high-quality cosmetics, skincare and fragrance containers and caps moulded with ISCC Plus certified chemically recycled materials from the Eastman Cristal TM Renew portfolio.

ISCC Plus certification offers sustainably-focused brands a solution for beauty packaging that is both responsible and beautiful; achieving aesthetics identical to virgin materials – without compromise to performance, functionality, colour or clarity. Eastman’s Cristal TM Renew materials provide a robust and sustainable solution by turning waste plastic back into plastic that is indistinguishable from virgin product. This innovative portfolio of materials ensures the compatibility and durability that cosmetics brands demand from primary packaging.

Offering sustainable beauty packaging manufacture using existing moulds, the use of materials from the Eastman Cristal TM Renew portfolio significantly minimises the environmental footprint of cosmetics products by incorporating high levels of chemically recycled content. Made using Eastman’s molecular recycling process, Cristal TM Renew ensures significant environmental benefits. Landfill diversion, resource conservation and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are all achieved with the use ISCC Plus certified recycled content in place of fossil feedstocks. The recycled waste plastic is allocated to Cristal Renew using a mass balance process certified by ISCC.

With certification now awarded across HCP’s European, North American and Asian manufacturing plants, the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) gives beauty brands the assurance of independent, third-party verification for recycled content claims.

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