Physicians Formula – Killer Curves Mascara

A voluptuous, full-volume curling mascara with an hourglass brush

A full-volume, curling mascara that coats and sets even the tiniest lashes, featuring the HCP stock ‘Wave Hourglass’ twisted-wire brush – designed and manufactured by HCP’s mascara experts in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, USA. Lash-lifting polymers and volumising collagen provide the perfect combination of curl and volume with an infusion of Provitamin B5, Peptides and Amino Acids to nourish and strengthen lashes.

The full size Killer Curves Mascara is presented in a custom pack with a flared hexagonal profile. With a high-shine silver metallisation and white screen print decoration to the bottle and collar, this pack is both elegant and contemporary.

The mini version of this product is launched in the HCP stock Mini Mascara; a 10mm cylindrical pack that is compatible with the same brush but with an OFC of 4.3ml. With the same chic silver decoration and screen print design, this portable version looks a beautiful as its full size counterpart.