Piové – Color Cosmetics

High quality affordable luxury beauty products

HCP are proud to have supported Algerian brand Piové as they launch their colour cosmetics collection into the market. Piové’s philosophy is to provide their customers with affordable luxury beauty products that are high quality, yet accessible to all make-up lovers. The brand invest in research into market dynamics as well as the latest technologies and expertise to offer a product line that is on-trend, with luxurious formulas and packaging.

HCP have supplied packaging for three variations of ‘Maxlash’ mascara: Curl, Volume and Waterproof. Moulded in brightly coloured hues of yellow, hot pink and cyan, the HCP-RUSI stock pack VK192/FL216 has been paired with the MA7222 curved and MA7152 stock brushes for effective results. The design of the MA7222 Curved volumising brush creates full and perfectly curled lashes with great definition and separation. The large MA7152 brush has long hollow fibres for extreme volume, together with a comfortable application. Each lash is loaded with the optimal amount of formula to give extravagant fullness.

The ‘Waterproof Eyeliner’ is presented in the HCP stock Cone Eyeliner; a slender pack with a dramatic conical profile and exaggerated cap-to-bottle proportions. The tapered cap aids

comfortable and precise application and the linear nylon tip is ideal for creating neat feline flicks.

The brand’s ‘Mattissimo Liquid Lipstick’ is packaged in the HCP stock Fusion Glass Lip Gloss, classically presented with a chic glossy black cap, matching cheaterband and black logo. With a 10.1ml OFC, the crystal clear PETG bottle has a thick-walled base to beautifully display the vibrant shades of formula. The Lip Glaze applicator is an ideal flocked tip to shape and define the lips.

The ‘Compact Powder’ and ‘Blush On’ are each presented in the HCP stock Radii Round Pressed Powder compacts with a black glossy finish and simplistic white logo to the two-piece cover.