eyeliner beauty packaging and applicator
eyeliner beauty packaging and applicator

10mm Double Ended Eyeliner

Product Code: 08341-00

This double-ended eyeliner pack features two bottles and applicators, for a full beauty solution or dual make-up look. The slim pack makes it ideal as a travel or limited edition choice, while the cool centre part gives a stylish appeal.

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  • Round/Cylindrical


  • Height: 144mm
  • Diameter: 13mm
  • Neck Size: 10mm


  • 4.6ml


  • Wiper: BUNA
  • Rod: POM
  • Bottle: PP, HDPE
  • Middle Connector: Aluminium

Bottle Injection Process

  • IBM

Applicator Brush Options

  • Tufted Brushes
  • Flocked Tip
  • Linear Nylon Tip

Manufacturing Location

  • China

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