12mm Radii Square Midi Lip Gloss (1 piece cap)


The soft square profile Radii Square Midi Lip Gloss is available with either a one-piece cap or two-piece cap with dome. The dome can be tinted or sprayed while artwork can be applied to the back with hot foil, screen print or heat transfer label. This pack is available with the following applicators: Dome, Peanut, Honey Dipper, Doesfoot, Mini Doesfoot, Mini Bowl, Leaf, Geo-Taper, Brow Groomer and Mini Spatula.

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Product Code

1pc cap: 65R

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  • Soft Square


  • Height: 89mm
  • Diameter: 16.5 x 16.5mm
  • Neck Size: 12mm


  • 8.2ml


  • Wiper: LDPE, NBR
  • Rod: PBT
  • Cap: ABS
  • Bottle: PETG

Applicator Options

  • Moulded & Flocked

Special Features

  • Thick-walled Bottle

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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