Fusion Round Lipstick

Product Code: 63Y

The Fusion Round Lipstick is a full size item with a cylindrical '50/50' design with a central ‘wedding band’ feature. The top fill swivel mechanism is HCP’s unique ‘super smooth’ design. The cup is designed to accommodate a 12.1mm or 12.7mm diameter bullet. Read More

The cover and base-cap are injection moulded components and the A-shell is manufactured in anodised aluminium.

There is an option to add a weight in the base for an extra premium feel, while an orientation feature in cap enables multiple passes of screen print or hotfoil decoration.

This pack is complementary to the extensive Fusion Round range.

Available with Freedom: POM & Lubricant-Free Lipstick Mechanism.

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  • Round/Cylindrical


  • Height: 70mm
  • Diameter: 20mm

Godet/Cup Size

  • Full Size: 12.1mm
  • Full Size: 12.7mm


  • Material: Aluminium

Special Features

  • Exposed Ring Fit
  • Orientation (decoration)
  • Weight in base

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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