Harmony Luxe Aluminium Lipstick With Deep Band (Mono-Material)


For a luxury interpretation of sustainable lipstick packaging, HCP’s new stock ‘Harmony Luxe Lipstick’ has a sleek mono-material aluminium design that optimises recyclability whilst retaining a premium appearance. Read More

Offered with a fluted or smooth base and an optional loop to attach a hanging charm.

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Product Codes

Smooth Cap: 502H

Smooth With Loop: 507N

Deep Collar: 507N

Smooth Base: 502H

Fluted Base: 507N

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  • Round/Cylindrical


  • Height: 70mm/72mm with loop
  • Diameter: 18mm


  • Cap: Aluminium
  • Shoulder: Aluminium
  • Base: Aluminium
  • Sleeve: Aluminium

Godet/Cup Size

  • Full Size: 12.1mm


  • Material: Aluminium

Special Features

  • Mono-material
  • Exposed Ring Fit
  • Top Fill

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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