Lip Balm (Eco – PCR)

Product Code: 60K

As part of HCP's Eco program to offer sustainable packaging options, this item is available moulded in PCR materials, R-PP for the cap and R-ABS for the base. Read More

The all plastic Lip Balm is a simple twist-up container suitable for hot pour filled lip balm product.

The pack comprises of an injection moulded barrel and a simple snap fit overcap. The cup is propelled by a twist-up base button.

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  • Round/Cylindrical


  • Height: 68mm
  • Diameter: 16mm


  • Cap: R-PP
  • Base: R-ABS

Godet/Cup Size

  • Trimline: 11mm (plastic sleeve)

Special Features

  • Flush Fit

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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