Pebble Magnetic Solo Eyeshadow Compact

Product Code: 97X

A recent new addition to HCP’s stock portfolio, the Pebble collection introduces soft shape magnetic opening compacts: available as a 1-well compact or 3-well palette. The tactile and smooth profile of these packs emulates organic forms of nature. These items have one year exclusivity in China until October 2019.

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  • Soft Square


  • Height: 31.8mm
  • Width: 56mm
  • Depth: 56mm
  • Well/s Dimensions: W:42.85 x D:42.85 x H:4.5mm

Insert Options

  • Insert Options: Single, Injection Moulded, Square Wells, Metal Pressing Pan

Special Features

  • Mirror
  • Magnetic Openings

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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