Reflection Meridian Mousse Pot


The double-walled jar is a versatile choice for either skincare or colour cosmetic products such as mousse foundations. The double-wall construction adds a premium aesthetic while the cap can be extensively decoration to achieve any brand identity. The Reflection cap is a two-piece construction with a mirror placed into the recess. The Reflection Meridian Mousse Pot can be supplied with a PS disc cover.

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Product Code

385 Base / 387 Recess Cap with Reflection

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  • Round


  • Height: 31mm
  • Diameter: 56.6mm


  • 35ml (without disc)


  • Double Wall Jar/Pot: Inner Jar: PP, Inner Jar: R-ABS
  • Single Wall Cap: ABS+SAN (with wad)

Special Features

  • Double-walled Jar
  • Cap Recess

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia