Reflection Meridian Pot (small)

Product Code: 365 Base / 15D Recess Cap with Reflection

The Meridian Pots are a cohesive and flexible range of screw threaded pots suitable for powder, cream or gel formulations. Read More

The 'Reflection' element refers to the pot being paired with a recess cap with a mirror placed in. The mirror can be decorated with screen print designs or left undecorated to aid application.

Available in a range of sizes with capacities ranging from 5ml to 40ml, the pots can be supplied with sifters (PP or PP/Mesh) or with paper sealing discs.

The jars can be moulded in transparent (SAN or PMMA) materials, while the closures can be colour moulded, UV sprayed or vacuum metallised.

The Meridian Pot range fits perfectly with HCP’s Fusion products, or can be used to compliment an existing or stand alone range of customer products.

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  • Round


  • Height: 21.6mm
  • Diameter: 36.6mm


  • 4.95ml (with sifter), 9.1ml (without sifter)


  • Single Wall Jar/Pot: SAN
  • Single Wall Cap: ABS+SAN (with wad)
  • Loose Powder/Sifter: PP/R-PP, PP/R-PP/Mesh
  • Adhesive Paper Label Seal

Special Features

  • Loose Powder/Sifter
  • Cap Recess

Manufacturing Location

  • Asia

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