R.E.M Beauty – Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara

A duo of uniquely shaped custom mascaras for the ultimate in volumised & lengthened lashes.

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HCP are privileged to be a key supplier for global mega-star Ariana Grande’s recent launch of her R.E.M. Beauty range; manufacturing a duo of uniquely shaped custom mascaras, that are recommended to work in tandem for the ultimate in volumised and lengthened lashes.

The brand’s founder wanted to offer two different mascaras at launch because she felt “…there are two very different ways to approach lashes: a spidery, natural approach and a more dramatic, smokier approach.”

The highly tactile, matt silver custom pack is an excellent showcase of HCP’s world-class manufacturing capabilities; especially with unusually shaped external profiles. The futuristic design features an internally-gated cap and injection-moulded inner bottle to achieve a completely flawless appearance. 

PCR materials have been used in the manufacture of this item and both the cap and bottle are weighted for an extra touch of luxury, enhancing the balance of the pack in the hand during application. 

HCP’s Lash Studio team worked closely with the brand to develop and optimise the chosen applicators from a varied portfolio of moulded and fibre brush designs and technologies.

Volumizing Mascara

Achieve dramatic volume with a nourishing formula that builds without clumping for fuller, more voluminous-looking lashes. 

Expertly paired with a custom twisted-wire fibre applicator, designed with perfectly spaced channels to collect and deposit the ideal amount of mascara for maximum lash lift-off.

1. For generous volume, gently roll the brush outwards from the base of the lashes.

2. Then, zig-zag the wand back and forth, dragging the lashes up and coating each lash from root to tip.

Lengthening Mascara

Lashes are given a natural and flirty look with this flake-free lengthening, defining and nourishing mascara that volumises and weightlessly lifts. 

The clean formula is paired with a HCP-SIMP ‘High Definition’ moulded brush, customised to fit the brand’s formula. An equal distribution of bristles across the body captures and elongates every lash from root to tip, for full-on length and definition. The tapered tip reaches each and every lash, even those in the inner eye corners.

1. Sweep the wand outwards from the base of the lashes, from root to tip.

2. For fluttery lashes, slowly zig-zag the wand upwards to coat each and every lash.