R.E.M Beauty – Midnight Shadows

Lustrous liquid eyeshadows in beautiful thick-walled packaging from HCP.

REM Beauty liquid eyeshadow by Airana Grande - Custom Packaging manufactured by HCP

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R.E.M. Beauty’s ‘Midnight Shadows’ collection offers 11 irresistible shades of intensely pigmented, waterproof shadows with a range of matte and lustrous finishes for universally flattering effects.

Presented in a distinctively shaped custom pack, HCP’s high-quality manufacturing capabilities have realised a beautifully thick-walled bottle and matt white cap with premium click-closure.

For a sustainability factor the cap and rod have been moulded in PCR materials, whilst a special resin achieves superior clarity for the lens-effect transparent bottle.

The luxe liquid gel formula helps to give the look of smoother skin and can be applied all over lids or used as a liner with a fluffy, tapered teardrop-shaped applicator. The bi-injected wiper enhances the application with an optimised wiping performance.

Inspired by the transformative power of make up, the brand’s superstar founder Ariana Grande devised the product to be highly versatile, commenting: “The midnight shadows liquid eyeshadows are so light, smooth and fluffy but still offer so much pigment and coverage. They’re multi-functional – they can be used as a base for a more dynamic, layered look or on their own.”