Rose of Heaven – Fortune (Kosé Cosmeport)

Japanese cosmetics brand Rose of Heaven – Fortune (Kosé Cosmeport) has a highly feminine and fragrant brand identity with a collection comprising of products in various hues of rose pink, prettily decorated with their signature floral designs.

The Treatment Lip Color Tint provides a long lasting finish, with a moisturising yet non-sticky formula that melts gently onto the lips.

The finish is a subtle yet lustrous tint of colour; giving lips a supple and line-free appearance. Nourishing ingredients include Shea butter with rose, sunflower, lavender and jojoba oils.

This decorative lipstick pack is a hybrid of the HCP stock Trendstick base and mechanism, giving a unique appearance with the addition of a custom cap.

Finished with a rose pink shiny metallisation, the cap has a ridged design, enhanced with an ornate central band feature. The base displays a floral pattern, applied with heat transfer label.