SAINT – Winter 2019

“SAINT continues to push boundaries in all its product categories – truly, make-up without compromise”

SAINT is a conscientious and visionary brand that uses only plant-based and cruelty-free formulas for high-performing beauty results. The product line not only makes skin look absolutely flawless and camera-ready, but all formulations are infused with proprietary blends of high functioning complexion treatment ingredients that improve skin conditions throughout the day. SAINT Cosmetics fits seamlessly into a busy lifestyle of work, play and travel.

HCP have supplied SAINT with two items for their Winter 2019 launch; elegantly decorating HCP stock packs for a master-class in minimalist luxury. The ‘Elevate Volumizing Mascara’ is presented in the 13mm Magnum Full Size Mascara (64V) with a stunning gold shiny anodised finish. A subtle white screen print logo has been added to the bottle, while the HCP ‘Wave Hourglass’ fibre brush builds instant volume.

The ‘Radiance Finish Complexion Powder’ is contained in the Radii Square Pressed Powder Compact (16T) which has a luxurious combination of glossy white cover/base with a shiny gold metallised insert. A coordinating gold foiled logo adorns the cover.