Samoa – Skin Envy Concealer

Lebanese brand Samoa are devoted to providing trend-led, affordable cosmetics to a diverse customer base; innovating new products that meet all beauty needs, wants and desires. The ‘Skin Envy 2-in-1 High Coverage 12hr Concealer’ promises to hide imperfections to create a perfect skintone and radiant complexion.

The concealer is presented in the soft-cornered HCP stock 12mm Radii Square Lip Gloss (60W) with a classic white cap, complemented with a copper shiny foil cheaterband. The clear thick-walled PETG bottle (OFC: 8.9ml) allows for shade ID of the 5 formulas in the range.

A two-piece cap version of this stock pack is also available to offer a wide choice of decorative top-plates.

Paired with the HCP stock ‘Ballet’ flocked applicator: a softly rounded tip combines with a two-sided flat surface for optimum agility during application.