2022-23 Trends – SuperNature

Highly-decorative beauty packaging that explores the interconnection of the natural & the virtual.

High-voltage energy with breathtaking vibrancy...

‘SuperNature’ explores the interconnection of humans and the biosphere, inspiring glitch and prismatic effects that distort our perception of the natural world. 

Showcasing nature-inspired imagery with distortion and glitch effects, depicted in ‘Sulphur Yellow’, ‘Neon Orchid’, ‘Mineral Green’ and ‘Raspberry Rapture’.

Finishes include tactile flocking, colour-shift effects, holographic foil and highly-detailed digital print. 

Infused with an artificial luminescence, the colour palette embraces saturated tones that convey a high-voltage energy with breathtaking vibrancy. 

PCR/recycled materials have been used within the range from trusted and traceable sources.

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