2023-24 Trends – Aphrodite

Cosmetics packaging exuding an understated elegance & refined sophistication.

For the love of beauty...

Ignited by a yearning for ‘Quiet Luxury’ and feminine empowerment, the mesmerising ‘Aphrodite Collection’ unveils cosmetics packaging exuding an understated elegance and refined sophistication.

Lustrous pearlescent and metallic effects bestow a captivating glow, elevating the allure of this extraordinary collection.

An immersive selection of hues inspired by the ethereal charm of the ocean, evoking a sense of tranquillity and subtle elegance.

Embracing the essence of imperfect beauty and the rarity of Keshi Pearls, embellishments dance with organic curves and beguiling textures.

From sensual and shimmering Mother of Pearl effects to intricate gold detailing, ‘Aphrodite’ embodies an unearthly aesthetic.

Embrace your inner goddess...

Radiant finishes and free-form pearl embellishments reflect the breath-taking beauty of the sea and the divine allure of ancient goddesses.

To evoke a sense of luxury, aluminium is incorporated throughout the range; transformed with exquisite tactile treatments.

Mono-material and ready-to-recycle dropper packaging for skincare products. Supplied by HCP.

UNO Dropper with 50ml Lotus Bottle

For skincare brands looking to combine appealing aesthetics with eco-conscious packaging, the new push-button ‘UNO dropper’ has a mono-material construction with all parts made from the PP/PE family. The tinted bottle is finished with a subtle gold pearl effect and a finely detailed foil design. The white pearl collar coordinates beautifully with a simple foil trim.