Inspired by a resourceful & nomadic existence

A renewed sense of spiritualism evokes an affinity with the natural world and the rediscovery of the instincts buried deep within us all. Artificial materials are discarded in favour of the disheveled bounties of our natural habitat, while a celebration of the elements and their awe-inspiring power brings an energizing appreciation of the planet as a pulsing, breathing organism.

Inspired by a resourceful and nomadic existence ‘Instinct’ has a renewed sense of spiritualism in the natural environment.

The planet is recognised as a breathing organism, where beauty is found in the dishevelled bounties of nature.

Animal prints are combined with cracked and weathered finishes in greyed tones or purple plum and putty.

L-R: 13mm Radical Square Mascara (67O) | Radii Square Eyeshadow Compact (16I) | Magnum Panstick (62B) | Radii Square Blusher Compact (16J) | Radii Square Quad Compact (17P) | 13mm Radii Square Lip Gloss (60W) | Radii Square Lipstick (53E)