Inspired by the science of colour & light

‘Spectrum’ is influenced by the refraction of light with abstract geometric designs and grid systems for a formulaic feel. Scientific symbols inspire with delicate dotted designs and metallics, whilst edge-glow technology finishes off the range in neon pink.

A new sense of balance is being addressed: science is given a human organic touch through a fascination with nature.

Refracted light patterns and chemical colours synthesise with organic structures for an invigorating vision.

Delicate dotted designs are complimented by edge-glow technology in neon pink finished with metallic foil.

L-R: Radical Round Lipstick (53H) | Radical Blusher Compact (16O) | Radical Eyeshadow Solo Compact (16N) | 15mm Jumbo Mascara (55I) | Small Powder Dial Pot (31H) | Wave Pressed Powder Compact (22X) | Radical Cube (19V)