Inspired by precise Scandinavian design

‘Synergy’ is inspired by contemporary handicraft with lasered and engraved effects and a subtle approach to texture. Steely greys and icy whites contrast with accents of spearmint and solar pink whilst florals and intricate geometrics draw the collection together.

An intelligent yet instinctive approach to design sees Synergy embody a sleek Scandinavian aesthetic.

Florals and intricate geometrics are finished with mirrors and milky metallisation in steely greys and icy white.

Glowing light effects create a sense of energy and dynamism finished with the contrast between matte and gloss textures.

L-R: Radii Round Eyeshadow (23K) | Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Reflection Meridian Pot Small (15D) | Push & Pull Lipstick (54V) | Reflection Meridian Pot Large (387)