A collective approach sets the scene for the future

An intelligent yet instinctive approach to design sees Synergy embody a sleek aesthetic with an unmistakable nod to the accomplished designers of Scandinavia: the result is a simple and honest beauty that reflects the need for a dramatic lifestyle purge.

Ultra fine detailed artwork of winter florals gives a sense of energy and dynamism complimented by minimal typography.

Inspired by the mesmerising Northern Lights, vivid colours of luminous violet and sunset pink merge for a softened look.

Ultra-fine linear colour gradients and glowing light effects create a sense of energy and dynamism.

L-R: Fusion Square Pressed Powder (19R) | Fusion Square Eyeshadow Solo (96L) | Fusion Round Lipstick (63Y) | Magni Pot 15ml (34X) | Slingback Quad (10F) | 13mm standard Mascara (55G) | Slingback 5 well (10H) | Fusion Square Medium Duo Compact (11B)