Inspired by the accelerations of technology

‘Synthesise’ is advanced and cutting edge with de-constructed typography and disturbance effects inspired by surveillance cameras. Colours are rooted in the artificial, with cool metallic tones of vivid cyan and magenta and glowing shades of violet and teal. Detailed disturbance designs are combined with digital glitch effects and metallic finishes.

Disturbance effects in graphics and textile prints are inspired by surveillance cameras and analogue media.

Contemporary typography is distorted and reconstructed to create an electronic style, whilst colours are rooted in the artificial.

Gradients and transparencies feature heavily for a direction that focuses its visuals on the synthetic.

Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Cruz Hot Pot (32E) | Airless Pump 15ml | Radii Round Lipstick (2 Piece Base) (53H) | Fusion Square Matrix Solo Eyeshadow Compact (23Z) | Fusion Rectangular Matrix Quad Kit (23Y) | Radii Round Pressed Powder Compact (23J)