A luxury & antique aesthetic with elements of Ancient Greek, Roman & Baroque cultures

Luxuriate in a trend inspired by ancient Roman and Greek culture, with intricate golden florals, peeling paint effects and a sophisticated shimmering palette of Pink Silk and Iris Blue. Gilded effects, peeling paint and frescos inspire artwork and finishes.

Delicate floral patterns are entwined with vines and leaves with intricate flourishes in satin gold finishes.

Typography is traditional and ornamental with exaggerated flicks and a refined and feminine colour palette.

Printed satin, gold foil and crystal glaze add fine texture to top-plate designs with metallic effects.

L-R: Magni Pot 15ml (Cap: 34V) (Base: 34X) | Fusion Sleek Lip Gloss (64M) | Magnum Trimline Lipstick (64W) | Magnum Mascara (64V) | Fusion Round Deco Grande Compact (96I) | Fusion Round Deco Blusher Compact (96H)