Creative expression in the urban environment inspires fluro-pops that are grounded with intense monochrome

Mixed media designs mix have a graffiti feel, with contrast between sharp and soft. Soft Neon finishes contrast with stark black and white with loose textured techniques. Digitally printed designs enable detailed artwork for paper top-plates finished with sprays, splatters, scribbles and scrawls bring the collection together.

Mixed media techniques are combined with a colour palette of vivid fluoro-pops and a stark contrast of intense monochrome.

Graffiti inspires artwork with loose, textured techniques and design within the framework of the city.

Metallics and prism effects are combined with sprayed, splattered and doodled artwork and holographic foil.

L-R: Radical Blusher Trio Compact (22I) | Radical Cubes (19V) | Fusion Square Trimline Lipstick (58O) | Radical Kit (4 well) (26U) | Fusion Round Hot Pot (32D) | Radical Kit (3 well) (26T) | Wave Pressed Powder (22X)

13mm Standard Trade Mascara (55G) | Fortune Pot (33B) | Double Level Cruz Pot (31S/30Y) | Radical Round Lipstick (53H) | Cool Art Pressed Powder (18U) | Cool Art Eyeshadow (18V)