Exploring the great outdoors to escape & recharge in the majestic wilderness

The wilderness inspires stark, yet majestic frosted landscapes and winter florals, with natural motifs, colours and patterns. Soft, scripted typography combines with delicate floral elements finished with decorative techniques.

Inspired by a thirst for the outdoors and a zest for adventure where nature is a means of escape to recharge.

Natural motifs, colours and patterns compliment delicate winter floral with highly detailed screen printed designs.

Typography combines weathered effects and flourishes with metallic animal skin and intricate floral top-plates.

L-R: Fusion Round Slimstick (578) | Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Cruz Pot Large (31R) | Slingback Quad (10F) | Radii Round Nail Polish (42Q) | Cruz Pot Small (31T) | Slingback Palette (5 Well) (10H)

Push and Pull Lipstick (54V) | 10ml Airless Pump (72C) | 15ml Jumbo Megalips (55V) | 13mm Standard Lip Gloss (Plastic Cap) (59T) | 15ml Jumbo Mascara (Plastic Cap) (58J/57D) | Cruz Hot Pot (32E) | Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Radii Round Eyeshadow (23K)