A new generation of creative mavericks are rejecting the slickness of the modern internet

Nostalgia for 90s Internet kitsch is seeing the return of animated gifs, memes and Net Art. The emergence of Tumblr-born subcultures such as SeaPunk and IcePunk dictate new fashion styling.

Disturbance effects and extreme pixilation reference 90s computer generated art while cut ‘n’ paste has a surreal quality.

Beauty and fashion images have a digital twist with montage artwork inspired by gifs, memes and net art.

Rainbow metallics are contrasted with bold blocky typography and synthetic tones of cyan, magenta and yellow.

L-R: Radii Round Nail Polish (42Q) | Cover & Blend (57R) | Cruz Pot Large (31R) | Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Paper Fragrance Stick (FRGST) | Radii Round Eyeshadow (23K) | Festival Wet & Dry (27G)