A cosmic theme with silhouetted designs soft colour & iridescent finishes, emulating sparkling stars

In a hyper-connected world, we look to a new state of consciousness, with ‘Parallel Worlds’ providing intrigue, comfort and contemplation. An atmospheric, ethereal palette blends luxurious hues of Cosmic Green, Galactic Gold, Stellar Pink, Atmosphere and Lilac Quartz.

The relative unknown is captured in a surrealist spirit where the boundaries between art and science are blurred.

Artwork is clean with intricate detail and feminine floral motifs, as if silhouetted against the night sky.

Silhouetted floral prints in dark grey compliment a linear and contemporary logo with finishes inspired by sparkling stars.

L-R: Magnum Pressed Power (28V) | Meridian Pot Small (365) | Vela Pressed Powder (24V) | Magnum Eyeshadow (28H) | Porto Lipstick (55E) | Magnum Blusher (28G) | Magnum Lipstick (59E)