An industrial aesthetic with apocalyptic themes embracing beauty out of the darkness

Inspired by a dystopian vision of the future where the threat of natural disaster is juxtaposed with vivid fantasy landscapes. From the darkness, a colourful warrior tribe seeks to save all that is good with the world and create beauty out of disaster.

The embracing of primitive instincts in an attempt to survive inspires a mixed-media approach to the aesthetic of this trend.

Artwork has a tribal, industrial aesthetic with the feather featuring as a key motif alongside decorative patterning.

Dynamic tribal and feathered designs are complimented by a colour palette of deep teal which contrasts with vivid pink.

L-R: Radical Blusher Trio (22I) | Radical Large Quad (26D) | Meridian Pot Mini (366) | 10mm Mini Lip Gloss (51S) | Radical Wet & Dry (27V) | Metal Primo Promo Lipstick with charm (592R) | Mini PET Mascara (51R) | Maroc Lipstick (58D)