Inspired by the Arctic regions & a melting winter aesthetic

‘Arctic Allure’ takes inspiration from the ethereal, glacial wonders of the Arctic region. Intricate ice patterns creep over pale metallic finishes and crystal-clear materials, while frost-effect sprays combine with soft colour blends of frozen mist and silver ice.

Digitally printed paper components feature Arctic flowers, ice shards and watercolour techniques to reflect the melting ice.

Delicate florals native to the Arctic are combined with watercolour techniques for artwork to reference the melting ice.

Finishes are inspired by shimmering ice patterns, watercolour florals and an ethereal palette.

L-R: Meridian Pot Large (34C) | Diamond Meridian Pot Small (15D) | Radii Glass Eyeshadow (90O) | Divine Round Diamond Trimline (52S), Paper Lipstick (598) | Magnum Pressed Powder (28V) | Radii Glass Blusher (90N)