A skincare range which focuses on soft aesthetics & tactile materials

‘Spa Nouveau’, taps into the growing trend for bare-faced beauty and a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ ethos, with natural finishes and organic artwork. Effects emulate on-trend materials copper, wood and marble for an elegant take on raw packaging styles. Tonal use of colours and soft nudes brings a harmonious, soothing feel to the component range.

Asian botanicals are a key motif, screen printed in metallic copper to tie in with the shiny copper metallisation used for caps.

To contrast with the organic floral artwork, simple geometric shapes reflect the rise of the urban spa and architectural forms.

Finishes focus on natural materials such as copper, marble and wood in a palette including nude, grey and pebble.

L-R: Cruz Hot Pot (32E) | 50ml Azure Jar (33K) | 120ml Horizon Bottle (74N) | 150ml Horizon Bottle (74M) | 10ml Airless Serum Pump (72C) | Citrus Concealer Gel Top (58F) | 100ml Horizon Bottle (74O)