Fairytales & folklore are re-imagined with a raw & wild quality

‘Wild & Enchanted’ takes it’s cue from the runway, encapsulating a spellbinding forest theme. With an entrancing ambience, this range features high-shine and matt metallic finishes decorated with folklore inspired flora and fauna patterns.

Digitally printed designs feature wild creatures, flora and fauna and beautiful nymphs with a magical, eerie beauty.

A rising trend for cosmetics with natural ingredients draws parallels with ancient herbology and youthful beauty.

Finishes feature deep metallics and folkloric designs in rich autumnal tones, with forest green, dusky berry and poison apple red.

L-R: Fusion Extend Compact (19F) | Divine Kit (980) | Divine Square Slimstick (585) | Eye Revealer (560) | Divine Quad Compact (982) | Fusion Square Trio (19R)