A wild & weather inspired trend, with dramatic natural landscapes

‘Wild Soul’ is inspired by the power of the elements, as both a source of respite and a challenge to conquer. For skincare, the harsh winter requires a combative approach, while packaging features double exposure imagery in a soothing yet strong palette.

Simple artwork is based around natural and contrasting textures, with macro shots of the elements and double exposure imagery.

Typography contrasts fluid script with clean and precise sans serif forms, screen printed or hot foil stamped in gold for a luxe touch.

Stone and liquid effects are achieved with innovative techniques, emulating textures and patterns from the natural world.

L-R: Cruz Pot Small with Dome (Pot: 31T/Lid: 15X) | Double Level with Cruz Pot (Pot: 31S/Lid: 30Y) | Radii Round Lipstick (53H) | Saturn Tottle 30ml (40Z) | Azure Jar 30ml (34A) | Horizon Bottle 100ml (74O) | Festival Pot (22S) | Lipbalm (60K)