Translucent, delicately entwined florals & tessellated, metallic geometric patterns

‘Botanica’ focuses on the organic or naturally derived, yet embraces the role of science and technology by delving deeper into the beauty benefits of natural ingredients. This trend elevates botanical skincare to the premium market with values such as exclusivity and luxury.

Organic themes for artwork are key with translucent, entwined florals and tessellated geometrics adding a scientific feel.

The palette is dominated by pale tinted whites for a clinical yet feminine look while blue, light gold and grey add depth.

Metallic finishes include satin, brushed and matt for a highly sophisticated approach to premium skincare packaging.

L-R: Meridian Medium Pot (PETG) with cap recess (Cap: 34V/Pot: 31L) | Fusion Round Glass Lip Gloss Mini with Paper Cap (61O) | Azure Jar 30ml (34A), Fusion Round Grande Bronzer Compact (25O) | Magnum Eyeshadow Compact (28H) | Magnum Quad Compact (92E) | 10ML Airless Serum Pump (72C) | Magnum Pan Stick (62B)