A contemporary & dynamic range with innovative techniques & vivid, eye-catching artwork

‘Electric Dreams’ has a futuristic aesthetic that explores the use of colour and light; experimenting with neon and colour changing techniques. Overprint effects are used for club inspired fashion or beauty imagery to bring a contemporary energy to the range.

Multi-colour reflective surfaces and intensely coloured laser patterns are reminiscent of strobe lighting in a club.

Cosmetics looks and packaging with light reflecting finishes and flashes of neon are ideal for the cutting-edge consumer.

A juxtaposition of both gloss UV lacquer and soft touch in ultra bright neon tones finishes the range.

L-R: Push & Pull Lipstick (54V) | Fusion Square Grande Compact (12Q) | Fusion Hot Pot (32D) | Mascara (55G) | Divine Trimline with Diamond Top-Plate (52S) | Festival Wet & Dry Compact (27G) | Radii Round Pressed Powder Compact (23J) | Sliding Kit (20C)