Inspired by genetics, molecules & DNA with intricate geometric & linear patterns

A fascination with genetics and beauty engineered by science, inspires a trend that is visualised with kaleidoscope imagery, bright holographic effects and colours that are fresh and bright. Duo-chrome finishes are key, either over a white base or a bright holographic effect.

Inspired by facial mapping, twins inspire futuristic reflected imagery with patterns emulating DNA, molecules and cells.

Typography is modern and contemporary, whilst interactive lenticular techniques portray vivid designs.

Finishes feature colour-shifts, polychromatic effects and highly reflective surfaces with duo-chrome finishes.

L-R: Radii Square Lip Gloss (57W) | Radical Square Eyeshadow Compact (16N) | Radii Square Grande Compact (95H) | Radical Kit (4 well) (26U) | Radii Square Blusher Compact (16J) | Radii Square Lipstick (53E)