Inspired by intricate circuit boards

A trend inspired by cyborg beauties of the digital age; a desire to always be ‘selfie-ready’ distorts perceptions of real beauty, which is represented with liquid chrome finishes and circuit board patterns. Finishes are inspired by molten metallics, with high-shine silver and liquid effects.

Intricate circuit-board designs are achieved with a variety of precision techniques. Aluminium brings a luxurious feel to the range; for top-plates and compacts.

Gradient effects contrast with silver and neon pink for a high-tech look inspired by robotic beauties with innovatively mirrored and engraved surfaces.

A tactile element is added with mesh design and embossed logos to emulate robotics. Typography is delicately dotted, referencing rows of rivets and fine mesh materials.

L-R: Magnum Trimline Lipstick (64W) | Magni Pot 15ml (34X) | Fusion Round Deco Grande Compact (96I) | Magnum Mascara (64V) | Fusion Sleek Lip Gloss (64M) | Fusion Round Deco Blusher Compact (96H)