Inspired by the precious & transformative beauty of butterflies

This trend combines dark blooms with deep bronze filigree and foil; metallic soft touch, velvet and metallic tassels. An opulent and luxurious range with rich jewel tones and deep metallic bronze.

Coloured metallics and deep bronze portray concepts of transformative beauty that is precious and collectable.

Miniature butterfly designs are revealed, as though precious and delicate. Elegant typography is feminine and scripted.

Opulent dark floral prints and plush velvet, satin ribbon and silk tassels in feminine tones of magenta plum and rose.

L-R: Radii Square Lipstick (53E) | Radii Square Eyeshadow Compact (16I) | Radii Square Baked Blusher Compact (23G) | Radii Square Grande Compact (95H) | Radical Kit (3 well) (26T) | Radii Square Domed Lip Gloss (63V)