AW19/20 – Aura

‘Aura’ celebrates the mystical, taking inspiration from moonlight, crystals & the supernatural

The glowing colours of ‘Aura’ combine with the captivating shimmer of moonlight to inspire a mystical trend. Dark prismatic effects and sparkling glitter emulate the lustre of crystals, catching the light as they move. A highly saturated palette of deep and bright colours is lifted with a holographic foil logo throughout.

Glitter and sequins suspended in liquid mesmerise and captivate as they shift and swirl for eye-catching reflectivity.

Dark colour blends are lifted with colour-shifting prismatic metallisation while glitter and sequins capture the light.

Silver holographic foil brings further reflectivity to the range for the simple, linear logo design.

L-R: Radii Square Domed Lipstick (63L) | Radii Square Domed Midi Lip Gloss (65Q) | Radii Square Quad Compact with Glitter Storm Top-Plate (17P/98D Top-Plate) | Magni Pot with Domed Top-Plate (30V/15X) | Radii Square Domed Mascara (67P) | Radii Round Blusher Compact with Diamond Top-Plate (23L/387)