'Whisper' is inspired by solitude & hazy imagery of nature

‘Whisper’ looks to escape the endless noise of modern life by seeking the tranquillity of solitude. Finishes and decoration are inspired by delicate textures from nature, with frosted and crinkle effects. Layered graphics are subtly obscured while matt metallics add a hint of luxury.

‘Whisper’ reconnects with the peace and tranquillity of nature, escaping the sometimes overwhelming chaos of modern life.

Solitude is sought as the ultimate luxury; interpreted via the Nordic concept of ‘Lagom’, a soothing approach to design.

Matt, frosted and textured effects emulate nature, complemented with subtle, desaturated tones and a delicate satin logo.

L-R: Luna Square Eyeshadow Compact (97K) | Radii Square Tottle 15ml (77L) | Luna Square Wet & Dry Compact (97J-WD) | Slim Tapered Mascara (FL230/VK110) | Slim Tapered Lipgloss (FL183/VK174) | Luna Square Lipstick ( 62Y)