Untold mysteries & opportunities lay beneath the ocean

‘Fathom’ is inspired by the delicate ecosystems beneath the ocean and the benefits of a coastal existence. The vibrancy of tropical creatures and the fluidity of the ocean inspire design with a tonal palette of aqua, sea mist, soft coral and shell pink. Graphics and typography evolve organically with shimmering patterns.

Inspired by the mesmerising beauty of aquatic worlds, ‘Fathom’ examines the delicate ecosystems beneath the ocean.

An underwater Garden of Eden manifests in a compelling vision with the vibrancy of tropical creatures.

Watercolour washes, sensual lines and transparent imagery give a feminine look representing the fluidity of the ocean.

L-R: Magni Pot 5ml | Cruz Pots (31W, 31T, 31S, 31R) I Cruz Hot Pot (32E) | 10mm Cool Lip Gloss (52K) | Cool Nail Polish (493) | Cool Mascara (52G) | Cool Art Pressed Powder Compact (17Z) | Cool Art Eyeshadow Compact (18V) | Cool Slimstick (50N) | Cool Lipstick (50E)