The charm of historical artefacts & heirlooms

‘Legacy’ has an ornamental aesthetic which is inspired by antique furniture and homewares, with techniques such as flocking reflecting decorative styles from eras gone by. Tones of rich claret, grape and parchment are complimented by ornamental scripted typography which is nostalgic and artistic.

‘Legacy’ takes a romantic stance on the concept of revive and repair by rejoicing in the charm of historical artefacts.

An ornamental aesthetic dominates with flocking, gliding and opulent texture reflecting decorative costume styles.

Antique furniture and homeware influence the profile of packs with flourishes, charms and metallic finishes.

L-R: Radii Round Pressed Powder Compact (23J) | Radii Round Blusher Compact (23L) | Radical Round Lipstick (2 Piece Base & Flat Cap) (53H) | Fusion Round Hot Pot (32D) | 13ml Standard Mascara (55G) | 10ml Mini Eyeliner (54S) | Saturn Tottle 50ml (71N) | Orient Pot (30O) | Luxe Jar 50ml (346) | Reflection Meridian Pot Large (387) | Radii Square Glass Quad Compact (23W)