Inspired by retro Olympic posters & the iconic London Tube map

A contemporary vision of an inventive and culturally rich nation taking influence from London’s Tube map. Oversized simplified motifs have a vintage feel contrasted with an energetic colour palette. Bold and blocky typography combined with eye-catching artwork and contrasting textures.

Influence is taken from archival Olympic posters which imbue a retrospective minimal and sporty quality.

Blocky typography and oversized, simplified motifs feature on minimal sporty shapes with an energetic colour palette.

Shimmering and undulating patterns compliment flossy, pearlised and transparent finishes.

L-R: Festival Pressed Powder Compact (19Y) | Fusion Extend Compact (19F) | 15mm Jumbo Lip Gloss (Megalips) (55U) | 15ml Jumbo Mascara (58G/57D) | Festival Pot (22S) | 13ml standard Lip Gloss (59T) | Push & Pull Lipstick (54V) | Porto Lipstick (55E) | Festival Wet & Dry Compact (27G)