A rebellious trend inspired by the Surrealist & Bauhaus movements

A rebellious trend that mixes progressive attitudes and the work of artists in movements such as the Surrealists, Fluxus and the Bauhaus. Icons of the 1930s are revived to inspire a look that is bold, precise and androgynous.

Graphics have a distinctive geometric style, influenced by retro advertising, propaganda and art deco compositions.

Colour palettes mix neutral vintage shades with bold tones of retro rose and mustard on square and round profile packs.

Bright gradient sprays contrast with monochrome artwork whilst clean white keeps the range fresh.

L-R: Fusion Round Hot Pot (32D) | Divine Square Slimstick (585) | Fusion Extend Compact (19F / 28X) | 15mm Jumbo Mascara (Plastic Cap) – Full Lash (57D) | Astra Tottle 50ml (73G)

Fusion Square Medium Quad Compact (11C) | Fusion Rectangular Studio Kit (15B) | Manhattan Trio (239) | Fusion Square Grande Bronzer(12Q) | Fusion Double Level Pot Small (365/30Z)