A celebration of artisan craft techniques steeped in quality and heritage

Modern Artisan reveres traditional materials and processes as well as the skills of the crafts people passed down over generations. Clever typography is inspired by the letterpress and innovative surface manipulation.

Artisan skills passed down through the generations reflect craft, quality and heritage with traditional techniques.

A colour palette of burnished gold, inky blue and slate grey reflect a detailed and industrial aesthetic with cool metallic tones.

Traditional materials such as leather and hardware embellishment, combined with embossing and etching finish the collection.

L-R: Radical Round Lipstick with 2 piece base (53H) | Radii Square Eyeshadow (16I) | Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Radii Round Blusher (23L) | Cruz Pot Mini, Medium & Large (31W/31S/31R) | Radii Square Quad Compact (17P) | Cruz Hot Pot (32E)