The serenity of the Mediterranean coastline combines with a revival of traditional design

‘New Renaissance’ is a revival of traditional design, with soft and delicate floral illustrations. Designs are inspired by the fluid draping of renaissance sculpture, with colour echoing the terracotta and gilded gold of classic architecture.

Inspiration is taken from classical art in a trend that is sun-drenched and decorative, with terracotta and tarnished gold.

Graphics reflect the intricate flourishes and the peeling masterpieces that have survived the centuries, with soft floral illustrations.

Shimmering finishes are enhanced with intricate floral designs in a muted palette of coral and fresco blue with deep coco.

L-R: Fortune Pot x2 (33B) | Cool Art Wet & Dry Compact (25G) | Cool Lipstick (50E) | Cool Lip Gloss (52K) | Cool Blusher Compact (10L) | Cool Mascara (52G) | Cool Slimstick (50N) | Cool Nail Polish (493) | Cool Pressed Powder Compact (10J) | Meridian Pot Small (365)