A nautical, vintage inspired range with a feminine, burlesque twist

This trend draws parallels with the Belle Époque: a period in early 1900’s Europe, characterised by optimism and prosperity. A trend that looks at the joyful side of living and traditional leisure pursuits.

Art Nouveau inspires an elegant blend of vintage brights with chic ‘Nautical Navy,’ white, bright rose red and ocean blue.

Decorative designs such as florals over nautical stripes are bold and fresh inspired by vintage seaside postcards.

Maritime motifs are combined with foiled logos and screen printed florals for a feminine, cheeky and fresh persona.

L-R: Vela Eyeshadow (24W) | Radical Eye-Shadow Solo Compact (16N) | Cruz Hot Pot (32E) | Fusion Double Level Pot Small (365/30Z) | Festival Pressed Powder (19Y) | Metal Primo Promo Lipstick with Charm (592R) | Radii Round Nail Polish (42Q) | Radical Kit (3 well) (26T)

Radical Round Blusher Compact (23L) | 13mm Standard Lip Gloss (Plastic Cap) (59T) | 10ml Airless Serum Pump (72C) | Cover & Touch (58S) | Standard Mascara (55G) | Fusion Trimline (53G) | Radii Round Pressed Powder (23J) | Vela Pressed Powder / Bronzer (24V)