A kitsch & cute range, featuring retro, nostalgic cartoon designs

‘Imagine’ is inspired by childhood memories, championing nostalgia and curiosity for a playful mood. Humorous graphics and playful themes reflect the innocent side to this trend whilst doodles give a kitsch feel to designs.

Creative and fun, ‘Imagine’ is inspired by childhood memories with kitsch and retro effects and cute cartoon artwork.

Bright bubble typography is shiny and bright, reinforcing the retro feel. With stars, hearts and quirky slogans.

A colour palette of pick ‘n’ mix hues of ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Lemon Drop’ is complemented with metallic finishes.

L-R: Large Powder Dial (31Z) | Radii Square Blusher Compact (16J) | Radii Square Eyeshadow (16I) | Magni Pot 5ml (30V) | Meridian Pot Small (365) | 13mm Comb End Mascara (57U) | Cover & Blend (57R) | Divine Square Slimstick (585) | Vela Eyeshadow (24W) | Divine Quad (982) | Vela Pressed Powder/Bronzer (24V)