A sophisticated & summery trend inspired by South America with vibrant finishes

‘Verve’ is inspired by South America and celebrates the Latino love for life and celebration, creating a trend filled with optimism, liveliness and fun.

Latin America inspires design with native flora and fauna and exotic rainforests in a sunkissed colour palette.

Motifs that are strongly influenced by the region’s vibrant tropical colours and expansive landscape.

Feminine floral and fruity designs are complimented with delicate embellishment and silver metallisation.

L-R: Fusion Extend Compact (19F / 28X) | Fusion Round Grande Bronzer (25O) | 10mm Cool Mascara (57K) | 10mm Cool Lip Gloss (52K) | Domed Meridian (365) | Vela Pressed Powder (24V) | Cool Art Wet & Dry (25J) | Cool Art Pressed Powder (17Z) | Fortune Pot 8.5ml (33B)